Us In Paris!

Posted by Edwin Kim on 4/17/2011 08:25:00 AM
A lovely video made by her, with lots of love! :) 

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Happy Birthday to Mr. Kelvin Newman!

Posted by Edwin Kim on 12/20/2010 02:08:00 AM

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Scar - Ben Tsang

Posted by Edwin Kim on 9/28/2010 12:16:00 AM
A soundtrack from Seven 2 One (关人7事) 2009 that I found it quite nice, emo rock?!

The movie trailer of a bunch of leng zai leng lui.

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Posted by Edwin Kim on 9/26/2010 01:13:00 AM
Part 2.

Part 1.

Edwin Kim vs Kelvin Newman

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Cameron Fun

Posted by Edwin Kim on 9/26/2010 01:08:00 AM
The Unicorns

Cameron Highland

Chocolate Strawberry Addiction

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Epic Failure Dive!

Posted by Edwin Kim on 9/17/2010 07:50:00 PM
5th of September 2010, Team PaintKillerz reunion! We got all the old members back fo' the day to train with the seniors. Happynya! :D

So after a long break from training, this was what happened when I tried to dive, and how I finally achieved one of those epic failure dive's shot. Proud of maself! -.-

Doooofffff! Crashed!!

We lost every single game that we played, without giving up I "take shit wipe wall" by keep practicing diving fo' a few times and discuss about the game plan.

bla bla bla

The senior briefing us the game plan.

So here we go again, chiong arrrrrr!!

Game On!

Finally there's a better one, but it's nothing compared to what I can do last time. =/

Plan so much mah si lose! Kanneh!

Take photos better la.. lol

Oh yeah it was also my first time eating in Subway, so delicious omg I'm addicted to it I guess.

The End

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Ipoh HITT Paintball

Posted by Edwin Kim on 8/30/2010 04:18:00 PM
A trip to Ipoh

So yesterday I killed off my lazy nerves and took a car trip to Ipoh to meet up Sam fo' a paintball session. I heard that it would take around 2 hours to reach there, so I woke up at 7.30am, clean up and departing around 8.15am with my sweetheart, and we arrived the destination within 1 hour and 5 minutes. How to do that? 160km/hour averagely.

We had breakfast in the kopitiam behind the McD before reaching the paintball field. The field is allocated around 20 minutes out of the centre of town and they are owned by the Team Hittballerz.

Here we are!

The Ipoh HITT Paintball presents...

             a whole brand new paintball field,

 and it's rest station.

The place was originally a mine and full of trees, it was developed so there are plenty of spaces to build the 2 new paintball fields. However, the construction is not fully done yet, the rest station and toilet are still under construction. Moreover they are gonna set up the lighting on field fo' night games! Until it is officially launch, it will be freaking awesome!!

Me and Sam played with Team Hittballerz and 1on1. The grass is not fully grown yet as I could not make a good dive or slide, it almost tear off my jersey. lol  Here goes my vanity..

After the paintball session, we went back to Sam's house to clean up and I found this!

Sam's aquarium

Newly bought Nemo!


Next, we moved on to the popular street in Ipoh to have our lunch.

I bet you know this place!

Thanks to Sam and his wife Lisa fo' being such a great and hospitable host in taking care of us in Ipoh!! :D

Bought some chics!

Along the streets in Ipoh, I realized that Ipoh is indeed a beautiful place. It has big houses every where, different styles of building, awesome paintball field, delicious food, Burger King and I like the fact that everyone is speaking Cantonese! In Ipoh you can simply travel to Penang or KL in a short time.

ACS Ipoh - girl school. They say Ipoh is also famous fo' their pretty girls, should visit the school some day. lol just kidding!

It was a great day and we had a lot of joy and laughter together! Good time flies.. we headed back to Penang in the late evening and that's the end of the trip. Until next time, see ya! ;)

Edwin Kim

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EAA Masquerade Prom Night 2010

Posted by Edwin Kim on 8/23/2010 03:22:00 PM
Welcome to EAA Masquerade Prom Night!

The Equator Academy of Art & Design's 2010 prom night was held on 21st of August at Penang Cititel Hotel Ballroom. It was Saturday and Masquerade was the theme of the night. The prom was hell of a bell ringer, everyone enjoyed it. As I've mentioned in the previous post, Kelvin and I will be wearing the same attire fo' the prom.

The blogger
Me & ma boo
We masked
We bro not gay!

Thanks to Victor Lukas fo' the photos

From top to bottom
His prom date
They masked too

Wei Chong, a nice and funny guy with very low-esteem and super shy.
The photographer Victor Lukas
Tiong Leng Kia!

The Handsome Labung Brothers

The couples

The performances are very entertaining and in high quality, there was one that shocked my mind....

Masked isolation dance from ILearn Studio
Click here fo' more photos of the prom and performances.

The Prom King of the night goes to Wallace Mak the beatboxer and Prom Queen goes to Lim Chia Yi the singer. The Best Talent taken by Jameson Padan Labung the dancer.

Wallace Mak

Lim Chia Yi
Jameson Padan Labung

King & Queen crowned
Best Talent goes to Jameson Padan, good job with the Tae Yang's wedding dress dance!
Kings & Queens

It was a great night! We went on with the after party to Fame as we got some free voucher. Wearing formal and drinking wine in the club, absolute classy! lol

Heels are no good!


I'm glad my bro enjoyed the night too! Cheers! ;)



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